Bangles started as a traditional wear for some East Asian societies and then spread to become women’s favorite all over the world. They are now the type of accessories women love.

The word bangle is originally taken,

The word bangle is originally taken from the Indian word bunger which means glass. They were mainly worn by Indian and other South Asian women. A married woman wears them at her wedding. Some brides tend to put on as many glass Bangle as she can on her wedding day and her honeymoon just ends as the last one breaks. It was not a good sign that an Indian woman buys Bangles for herself. This is for women; men can also wear a kata or Kara which is a single metal bangle gift along with other items the bride’s father gives to the groom on his wedding day.

Makes Bangles different from bracelets,

What makes Bangles different from bracelets is that bracelets are flexible while bungles are not. They can be worn as one single item or as a group of them together while a bracelet is more beautiful if worn alone. Various materials are involved in making Bangle you can find those that are made of gold, silver, metal and even glass while bracelets are only metallic and this of course affects the price of the piece.

Bangles take many widths,

Bangles take many widths and you may choose the ones that go cute on your wrist. There are those thin like string that when worn as a group of 3, 6, 9, and 12 and even more gives that terrific shape you desire. Other shapes are varied from those of two millimeters wide to three centimeters or more. Of course wide ones are best being worn as single ones so that the wrist does not seem overcrowded. Thus choosing the suitable Bangle depends on the woman wearing such ornaments. Age is one of these factors as young girls mostly prefer a number of thin special shaped ones made mostly of metal while a mid-aged woman may stick to a golden one decorated with some precious stones. The type of occasion and the kind of dress a woman is wearing may also have some effect on this choice.

All Bangles come as straight circular,

You can also find the colorful thin ones that come to be used as groups with a variety of different colors and some of them especially wide ones has many colors decorating that single one. Most of the colors are fast so that they resist water and washing detergents. Glass, beads, precious stones and semi precious stones are also added to give more elegance. For the shape, not all Bangles come as straight circular. You can find those winding, zigzag and even square shapes.

Bangles are mainly found in India, but the increasing love for them among women especially youngsters made this type of jewelry available worldwide. The product is not only being imported from India, but it is manufactured everywhere. Even famous brand names are now producing these ornaments under their names. The prices for Bangles vary depending on the material this accessory is made of and the type of stones added to it. All in all every woman can find the Bangles she desires and that fit her budget. Same as other women accessories they can be purchased over the internet and almost all jewelry websites have them displayed among their products.

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