The fad for charm bracelets came from the Feng Shu of the Chinese people, wherein they offer different kinds of charm bracelets for each aspect of life that one wants to be good at. A bracelet can be said to ward off bad luck and death, while some bracelets are compounded with different charms to ward off more than one form of negative energy.

Different bracelets from different charms,

Different bracelets from different charms look differently, some chunky while others fine in texture. There are beads inlaid in the bracelets for love, health, prosperity, success, money and others. People have encouraged the proliferation of more charm bracelets because they want to be successful in everything that they do. Some who are engaging in travels and businesses actually purchase some of these so that they will have a good charm with them. The belief in this is so strong that Feng Shu is practiced not only by the Chinese, but by some other cultures that have been influenced.

Bracelets are not only made to ward off evil,

Bracelets are not only made to ward off evil, some are also made to attract. These can also be made to act as a fashionable addition to the outfit of an individual. There is a trend in charm bracelet makers to fashion their bracelets in such a way that they will be aesthetically pleasing and at the same time effective.

Bracelets are made to be worn,

Traditionally, these bracelets include gemstones and birthstones that are known for their mystical capabilities. Some highly attest to their ability to give good luck and a healthy lifestyle if taken care of. Charm bracelets are made to be worn everywhere, and so it is created in a way that it will retain its appearance over time and that any signs of wear and tear will not be visible for the first few years of its service. Moreover, there is a limit to the time that the bracelets can give service. They are said to be less effective if they look and feel dirty, as consuming the negative energy that one’s aura is emitting.

It is not only the Chinese that believe in charms. Certain tribes practice wearing amulets and bracelets as a protection against demons and other bad powers surrounding them. They are also wary about being tempted to do things that they do not want to do, and claims that with the use of such charms their willpower becomes stronger and they are able to resist.

However effective these bracelets have been seen,

However effective these bracelets have been seen, there is no scientific proof that their effects are actually intended and non-coincidental. There are certain sects that question their use, but because of the emergence of fashion styles that include them, they become a mere addition to one’s attire regardless of what they are made for. Some actually have these bracelets but with the ignorance of what it is supposed to do. Others are merely pleased with their appearance and buy them to complete their set of jewelry for different occasions. Hence, it can be simply said that more important than the meditational purposes of the charms is their ability to enhance and lend beauty to those who are wearing them. Only second to this is the protection that they supposedly give.

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