Create your own fashion collection
Create your own fashion collection:
In my last video I talked about an African source of inspiration and you saw how this image inspired me. Now, I will show you how to get inspired if the image is upside down. There is no need to look at a source of inspiration in a conventional way.
Try to be different and let it all flow. This time, the lower part – now the upper part of the upside down image – inspired me to create a big volume around the neck. It can be a huge scarf or a collar or even some big, volumetric sleeves.
Use dynamic lines to create the volume and to suggest the texture. The fabric could have wrinkles, it can be printed with a flat, bi dimensional pattern or it can be sewed with multiple fine fibers – that look like cylinders.When the upper part is heavy in details, keep the lower part simple, in one single color. There is no need to add details everywhere.

Art and graphic twin markers are also a useful tool I use – they have 2 edges and one of it look like brush. Try to buy multiple soft colors because you will mix them later to obtain other colors.Use 8B pencils to create the contrast and to underline the shape of your costume.

For the second drawing, I will rotate one more time the page. The more unconventional you look at an image, the better the result.I use this parts as sleeves or big shoulders for my outfit.
You can imagine everything an please do the same exercise as me and then send me your drawings. I will use them in my next video and we will talk about them and I will help you with a feed-back.

In this creative part, nothing is wrong. You can play as long as you like, just keep in mind some simple basic rules:
If your costume has a lot of details in one part, it should remain simple in other parts.Then, don’t use too many colors in a single outfit. Another rule says that your outfit should be related to the source of inspiration.

When somebody will look at it, the source should be very easy to recognize.Maintain the local color of your outfit. If the source of inspiration has beautiful brown-beige colors, try to keep the same colors if possible.And last, try to rotate the image to discover unusual things. Things that nobody sees or observes. See the details, try to explore the textures, colors and patterns to create beautiful garments that will be the core of your future fashion collection.

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