What is beauty in America? Who decides what is attractive and what is not? Fashion trends and beauty trends change over the years.

Fashion in 1940s and 1950s

Think of what was considered attractive in the 1940s and 1950s, when voluptuous Marilyn Monroe was everyone’s pinup girl. Then compare this to the 1970s, when Farrah Fawcett hair and skinny was in. What made Twiggy so popular, when fifty years prior she would have been accused of looking too frail to even walk the runway? Or think about the pale skin, fire engine red lips and black eye liner was popular in the ‘20s, and how neutral tones and matte lipsticks were preferred in the 1990s. The concept of “what is beauty in America” changes from year to year.

Deciding what is beauty


Beauty in fashion

What drives these shifts and trends? A myriad of factors work together, but beauty classes in cosmetology school set the foundation for what each new crop of cosmetologists will promote as “beauty” to their clients. The choices made by stylists such as Bobbi Brown influence millions of women worldwide, changing the opinions of the masses as to what is considered lovely and what is considered dull. You might not think beautician careers make much a difference, but they influence what is considered beauty all around the world.

Fashion designers

And what screams “beach beauty” more than Miami? The stylists, fashion designers and beauticians of Florida set the pace for ocean wear. Beach beauty is especially tricky because cosmetologists have to learn how to deal with heat, humidity, maximum sun exposure, and the revelation of so much skin.

If you are considering attending a cosmetology school in Florida, you may be one of the future beauticians that will influence the make up used on a runway, hair show or fashion magazine. You never know what future influential beautician might be taking his or her first classes at one of the many spa training institutes in Miami.

The techniques you will learn in beauty classes may set you up in a career where you get to influence what is considered beauty in America.

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