Women love shoes, love to let them go. Each pair of glamorous shoes are in the eyes of woman that cannot miss the game. When the woman’s desire for more and more strongly on the shoes, the design shoes of each season will be more unbelievable. With a pencil thin to the extreme, exaggerated strange new shapes, unique and innovative fabric design, sexy, enchanting the Department of Winding. Pistol with denim, high water table, woven hollow, three-dimensional decoration, the wide variety of beautiful shoes in the spring of 2009 to overturn the traditional fashion, fame to steal the spotlight. This season, which is a prey of your heart then?

The variety and high-heeled,

high heels, always a woman of heart loved. It is like a weapon of woman to conquer the world, walk in the modern city of modern. The spring of 2009, designers have to start article at the heel, as fine as the ultimate height of a pencil, thick wild water table, slope with the retro court styling, innovation and artistic decorative fancy, let your sexy “peripheral” very tempting, and carry on.

Bare amorous feelings,

Shoes, like building a general, not just stick to the framework of which quite satisfactory. New, strange, unique, that are the important magic weapons of fashion-headed. Clever style index is an important weapon to increase moderately exposed. Crises-cross weaving, through the hollow sense of temptation, touch the high leg straps, or simple sexy gladiator sandals, vying to be your foot on the alternative landscape.

Toltec decorate,

who would have thought so glamorous shoes also? Exaggerated three-dimensional flowers fly bare wrist in the slightest wound, the national totem shiny patch in the next printing shiny, elegant feathers, such as water tassels, origami style, are openly boarded the upper. Decorated with colorful details of Toltec, each pair of shoes are beautiful women cannot wait to catch prey. The design of the fantasy Cinderella by the designer, the glass slipper has been their own.

The Surface,

The color and texture has been an important element of shoes beauty, would be two elements of the good time just right to become a never ending classic shoes. Sweet pink and peach ice-metal is headed fashion color this season, reflected in the design of shoes that a particularly eye-catching two tone. Material, the patent leather has been the theme of enduring style, ethnic style of the popular animal striate pushed to the peak of fashion. Denim, brocade, cotton material, wire also have down on the foot with a full cosmetic.

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