Feedback on how to create your own fashion collection inspired by the ’20’s
Feedback on how to create your own fashion collection inspired by the ’20’s.

I challenge you!

On my YouTube channel, I accepted all your challenges to create fashion collections inspired by architecture, insects, sculpture, painting, Victorian dresses, chandeliers and so on, and I created a video for each theme you were interested in. Now it is my turn to challenge you to create a small collection of 10 pieces.

Please send me your drawings before next Tuesday and I will help you with a feed-back on your sketches. I will reply to all of you with a video.

Technical conditions: the drawings should be scanned or photographed top view, white background. please do not send blurred images or out of focus. Also, please attach the source of inspiration near your drawings. Thank you and waiting for them here:

The board on my Pinterest with the inspiring images for this challenge is here:


Orlie’s email:
“Let me just explain my designs. When you said the roaring 20’s as inspiration, I immediately thought of the color black and white. Looking through your Pinterest, it was inspiring to transform common silhouettes to something unique.. in a way.
Basically looked at the vintage patterns they used for their garments. So, it was a mixture of multiple pictures from your Pinterest.

First Look, I, honestly, made a mistake with the markers for the fringe but I cant erase it so I tried to have fun with it. The top is a hard draped cowl. Second Look, a Jumpsuit with a shawl collar. Third Look, its a simple long black dress but with a long train coat that is also backless with a gathered fabric for the top. Details on the weave for the back. All three has that vintage pattern from the 20’s. ”


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