How to start a fashion collection
How to start a fashion collection

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This is the third part of the videos regarding the rule of decomposing the source of inspiration into elements.
To understand more, please see before the following videos:
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For this outfit, once again, I decomposed the elements into beads and rows.First, for the documentary part, i will draw exactly the dress you see in the left part of the screen.
When drawing, there is no need to stay too long on a single sketch. It is ok just to suggest the beads and to give the impression of the pearls aligned on the rows.

Now that you have the components, just play with them.
There are areas where i used the pearls in different sizes and other areas where i used the rows to create the volume.

As you will see, there are endless possibilities and you can take this example to rotate the source of inspiration to obtain different outfits. After so many details in a costume, you will need a blank or empty space to have a contrast or a single color leggings that will lead the eye to the beautiful crafting from the upper part of the body.

For the second dress, i kept the same principle of playing with details and black areas. The size of the pearls can be adjusted from small to large or the other way round. You can gave extra large spheres for the neck part or very small pearls for the lower part of the costume.

And now, just sit back and enjoy the same exercise having different costumes as a starting point for your inspiration.
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Merry Christmas and have a lovely holiday together with your family!

If you have questions, please let me know. Thank you and hugs!

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