Modern Hairstyle

Modern Hairstyle

Everyone wants that perfect hairstyle, but unfortunately not everyone has the same shape of face. When you are choosing a hairstyle, you should take into consideration the shape of your face just like you choose clothes and accessories to match your personality.

The first which you need to do when choosing a hairstyle is recognize the shape of your face. You can typically categorize faces into the following.

Oval faces can really have both long and short hairstyles as the shape of this face is considered ideal for any kind of style that you desire. The main thing to remember is that you should never wear your hair in your face.

Round faces will typically have a wide hairline and fullness about their face which they need to give an effect of slimming to so go for hairstyles that have waves and layers to them. Any straight hairstyles are definitely not for you and are to be avoided. A hairstyle that is shorter, no longer than shoulder length, can give you the illusion of height and hairstyles that include smallish curls on the side will look great.

Long faces can be complimented with more of a straight hanging hair style that goes for volume. This could be a heavy style that is layered or a mid-length bob cut which works for this shape of face.
Square faces with a strong jaw line should find a hairstyle that is suitable for balancing your facial features. A short or medium length cut should be a great look for your face but a long hair style with a straight part is to be avoided.

Heart shaped faces tend to be wider at the temple and narrower at the chin. People that have this shape face look better with shorter to chin length hair. Possibly short shags, bobs about chin length, layers that are swept forward and bangs that have that wispy look are good for this face shape. If you choose styles that show more of your upper face it will make your chin look narrower.

By now I think that you understand that the key to choosing the right hairstyle is by first carefully studying and determining the shape of your face. If you do this it will definitely add to the effect of the hairstyle and your overall looks. You need to maintain proper facial proportions.

Another thing to consider with your hair is choosing and using quality hair care products which your stylist can help you with to keep your hair in its best condition. You should use good quality shampoos and conditioners for your unique hairs type to keep it in its best condition.

Modern Hairstyle

Modern Hairstyle

We also understand that there are those of us which may have thinning or even balding hairstyles which present their own unique issue. We did not deal with them here, but there is an article of reference which those that need to may find very interesting and an aid to help you choose the right hairstyle when your hair is deserting you.

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