Japan is country popular for many things. Its cultural heritage, its historical heritage, its scenic beauty, its cuisine and its people. Another Japanese phenomenon that is slowly gaining momentum is Japanese fashion. Modern Japanese fashion, that is. It is no longer just about decadent kimonos. Japanese street fashion today is a potpourri of style. From the traditional to the corporate, from the cute to the bizarre, Japanese fashion has it all. When you walk down, say a main street in Tokyo, you’ll get to see men and women clad in both designer clothing and accessories like Versace and Jimmy Choo, and right next to that you’ll also see Emo hair, punk clothing etc.

Western fashion trends

Slowly, western fashion trends have crept in and made their mark. A great example of this is the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo (MBFWT) which showcases some of the best Japanese fashion trends today. Held twice a year, (in March and in October) the show puts the latest and the best designers and their designs on the map. In fact, the official MBFWT website, it says that the intention of the fashion week, in other words their slogan, is,

  1. To wind up the door for achievement on the planet for new architects.
  2. To Become the Starting point for participation Between Designers, Manufacturers and attire Retailers.
  3. Make Tokyo more fashionable and enjoyable.

Autumn/winter fashion

The Autumn / Winter collection was recently shown during the 2013 MBFWT in March. Some of the behind the scenes videos and photographs showed that neon and candy coloured hair was still popular this season. When it came to clothing, while the evergreen, timeless, black and white ensemble was a big favourite, prints of kinds (picture flowers, alphabets, geometric shapes) weren’t left far behind. Even the men weren’t too shy to experiment with prints.

The Best of Japanese Fashion in 2013

The Best of Japanese Fashion in 2013

Fashion brands

When it comes to the brands, Ritsuko Shirahama showcased trendy prints that were not just reserved for the clothes. Models walked down the runway in hats and shoes which matched the prints on the clothes. The hats of the whole collection were reminiscent of the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. Mr Gentleman’s collection played with a lot of colours. Long coats and trench coats in vibrant colours, print happy jackets, and fur lined collars presented a wide variety for fashionable men. In the Haute Couture department Nozomi Ishiguro’s collection stood out. Heart shaped dark lips and head turning hairstyles complemented the ‘organized chaos’ of the designs. Interestingly, many of the pieces in the best Japanese

trends  were worn with the model’s arms inside the article of clothing rather than on the inside. It was a clever reminder of the chilly winters that lay ahead.

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